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welcome to intouch groups! :)

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How our introductions work!

You create an account and request to join our introductions group. Then, it is up to our admins if you can join in or not.

Once you are in an introductions group you can introduce yourself and start conversations with other people! Here you can meet people with similar interests and, if you'd like, you can start a private group with those people.

To start a private group you create a group, state your admins and put it in for approval. You will also need to look over your community guidelines. The in-touch team then reviews over it and approves it. If your group gets rejected then we will state our reasons and you can either fix them or join an existing group.

We don't tolerate any hate, harassment, racism or bullying. You will be banned if you don't follow the community guidelines.

Enjoy and have fun! :D


Welcome to our group feature! This page is a place to get up...


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