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according to the world health organization, half of all mental health conditions start at age 14, and most go undetected. this can lead to an impairment of both physical and mental health, and limit opportunities in adulthood. as teenagers ourselves, we have found that many of our peers do not feel safe receiving the specific support they need for their mental health. while many schools offer resources, students are not likely to utilize them due to communication boundaries with counselors/therapists, financial issues, and the stigma associated with receiving help. thus, in april of 2020, InTouch was born: a free and accessible service that allows teens to get support from professional counselors and peers in order to safely & effectively secure support for their mental well-being.

intouch executive team!

hello, all! we are the cofounders/executive team of InTouch! we're responsible for keeping our platform safe, secure, and active, and handle everything from fundraising to running workshops to outreach/social media management. please contact them at if you have any specific questions! 

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Aavani Raj
Rising Sophomore @ UCSD
Divyabharathi Senthilarumugam


Rising Sophomore @ UC Davis

Tarini Raj
Shreya Korlipara
Mira Prabhakar
Ananya Premanand
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Rising Senior @ Dougherty Valley High School


Rising Senior @ California High School


Rising Senior @ California High School


Rising Senior @ Dougherty Valley High School

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