According to the World Health Organization, half of all mental health conditions start at age 14, and most go undetected due to stigma or a lack of resources. This can lead to impairment of both physical and mental health, and limited opportunities as an adult. As teenagers, we’ve found that many teens don’t have trusted role models or support systems to talk about their mental health issues. While schools offer resources, students aren’t likely to go to a school counselor or utilize mental health resources because they feel uncomfortable discussing their mental health due to the stigma associated with it. This led us to create InTouch, an anonymized, free, and accessible service that allows teens to get support from professional counselors and peer-to-peer support groups in order to help them manage their mental health issues.


Hi, we're the technology/outreach team! We are responsible for connecting teenagers and young adults to counselors and maintaining Jasmine Foundation's.

Mira Prabhakar
Tarini Raj
Shreya Korlipara

Handles donations & funding, maintains shop

Handles PR & marketing, finds corporate support

Maintains technology resources and volunteer program

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Aavani Raj
Divyabharathi Senthilarumugam
Ananya Premanand

Manages organization

Manages workshops

Records meetings, minutes, and leads events