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Welcome to InTouch! 


These are the InTouch Terms of Use. When you use our services then you agree to the Terms of Use. InTouch is meant to be a safe and secure community where you can have fun. In order to do this we need to establish basic rules. If you do not agree to our Terms of Use, then you may not access or use any services provided by us. 


InTouch is a service and is not liable to any actions taken by counselors, users, and peer support mentors on our platform. InTouch only provides public contact information of counselors and organizations that have agreed to provide their services for InTouch and all affiliated services. Counselors and peer support mentors have agreed to not disclose any information stated on this platform. These are the exceptions to which counselors or peer support mentors are obligated to inform an outside party:


  1. One states that someone is hurting them.

  2. One states that they want to hurt someone else.

  3. One states that they want to hurt themselves.

  4. One gives permission to share information with a trusted third party.


Regarding Our Services:


InTouch is not responsible for any advice (ie. Medical or Peer Support) given on the InTouch platform or actions that could replicate from said advice. 


The Peer Support Mentor service that InTouch provides is NOT the same as licensed counseling. These are individuals who have very minimal knowledge in the field of Psychology, but would like to utilize this platform and speak to others who may be in need of help. WE ENCOURAGE ANYONE WHO NEEDS PROFESSIONAL OR IMMEDIATE HELP TO REACH OUT TO ONE OF THE LISTED HOTLINES ON OUR PAGE, OR ANY OTHER OUTSIDE HOTLINE THAT SPECIFICALLY SERVES YOUR NEED.

InTouch does not stand by any acts of bullying, harassment, or foul language on ANY of our platforms. Those who commit those acts will immediately be banned from our platform(s) and reported.

When creating an account, you need to accept these guidelines:


  1. Children under the age of 13 are not permitted to utilize any of the platforms affiliated with InTouch.

  2. When you create an account on the InTouch website, you are solely responsible for the maintenance of your account, and any actions that may be related to your account. 

  3. InTouch and any related services do not endorse any content its users post on any of our platforms created or affiliated with your account. Blog posts created by InTouch are the only exception.


Lastly, the creators of InTouch would like to emphasize how grateful we are for everyone’s support. We hope that teenagers find this platform useful in times of need. As always, if there is any feedback you have on our platform, please fill out the form on our Contact page.©

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