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welcome to intouch groups! :)

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Hello and welcome to our groups!

We-me and our amazing team-wanted to create a safe place for people to meet each other and talk to each other. So we chose to create these groups!

Our groups are fully dependent on YOU! This is a community made for you, built by you. You can chose which people you'd like to be in your own group and if you'd like it to be public or private. More information in the introduction post below. :)


I hope everyone is having a good summer so far!

I know that summer is really great, but right now it might not be as fun since there is still Covid worries, but I hope you're able to hang out with friends once everyone is vaccinated!

Also, if this summer you're prepping for the SAT, or taking AP classes next year, or even starting Driver's Ed, remember to take breaks and have fun! This is your summer vacation, so don't stress yourself out too much! Do things that you enjoy and help you relax!

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Welcome to our group feature! This page is a place to get up...


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