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diys: how i stay sane during social distancing

By: Divyabharathi Senthilarumugam (Divya)



-Plastic sheet

-Sharpie Markers



-Rubber Bands

-Hole puncher

1) Print a black and white design on a plastic sheet (please don’t put random plastic materials).

2) Color the design and cut out any shape you like.

3) Glue on the now colored design to a white piece of paper (you can do any color, but light colors make the colored design pop out).

4) Cut the design glued on the paper and punch a hole.

5) Using rainbow loom rubber bands (I miss that craze) go through the hole, create a chain.

6) You can now attach it anywhere, make it for a friend, and use different designs!

I made both a BTS and fast food themed keychain because I love both! I would love to see your designs and hope you all are safe and healthy! Have a great day and don’t forget that things will always get better.

Other DIYs I tried

Colored a coloring page Painted a BTS shirt, because I’m too broke

to get real merch

Made a turtle out of a coconut Played sailboat with the turtle

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